Mission Statement

OR: A journal of Judaism, Philosophy, Politics, and Culture

“כִּי עִמְּךָ מְקוֹר חַיִּים, בְּאוֹרְךָ נִרְאֶה אוֹר”

תהילים, לו:י

“For with You is the source of life; in Your light shall we see light.”

Tehilim, 36:10

“The prison-house is the world of sight, the light of the fire is the sun……. the journey upwards is the ascent of the soul into the intellectual world”

Plato, The Republic

Or is dedicated to rigorous intellectual discourse without which life is shallow and impoverished. Our core values are the commitment that Jewish texts, which animate the Jewish soul and mind, are troves of virtue and wisdom; Zionism; reverence for the American project; diversity of people, views, and beliefs; and civility.

Or grapples with the ideas, texts and minds that deal seriously with the complexities of human existence. Its contributors, editors and readership believe these texts equip us with the knowledge to engage in and with contemporary political and philosophical battles, the history that created those battles, and the texts that catalyzed and invigorate them.