FEATURED ARTIST: Daniela Krausz, Washington University in St. Louis

Daniela Krausz, Washington University in St. Louis

The following playlist is coming to you at a crucial time and it’s here to save your butt. Finals are approaching, you’re stress-eating subpar dining hall food, and you are in a monogamous relationship with your oversized sweatpants. You try to ward off evil studying, but there are not enough shows on Netflix to keep you occupied and sufficiently procrastinating for long.

All seems lost.

I am here to provide you a solution to your myriad final- season woes: a Spotify playlist. Not just any Spotify playlist. A Spotify playlist personally curated by yours truly, and though you may not know me, others can confirm I have damn good taste in music. Here, I give you a range of tempos, genres, and vibes that you can listen to in order to get in the get sh*t done mood. And, best part, once you’re done with finals and have aced them all flawlessly (thanks to my playlist), I have included Kendrick Lamar, who will you remind you: “B*tch, be Humble.“

So go on, listen. Dominate that last leg of your semester.

Playlist from Dani

Beach – I Wanna Make You Mine by Will Joseph Cook

Amerika by Young the Giant

Silhouettes by Colony House

Keep On Keeping On by Colony House

Holdin’ On by Flume

Hold feat. Daniela Andrade by Dabin

I Feel Love by Mounika.

Picture Perfect by Little Simz

Kidnap Me by CRUISR

Coming Home by Leon Bridges

Hipster Girl by Sango

Come Down by Anderson .Paak

Lucy the Tease by Allan Rayman